Monday, December 1, 2014

Gratitude, Days 16 through 20

Day 16
  • Having all my Christmas cards written out and sent!
  • Turkey and Noodles, using up the last of the turkey!  So good, but what a relief even though we bought the smallest turkey possible!  Maybe Sam has the right idea in lasagna for Christmas...
  • Successful delivery of my co-workers snowball fight items:  big, powdery white donut holes and snowman ornaments!
Day 17
  • Reading MAP done (except for two absent students)
  • New boots, so cute!
  • Although my plan of not putting an "I've been hit!" sign in my window until today so my friends wouldn't know who started the "Snowball Fight" backfired, it was nice to know that at least one of the two people who received my snowballs thought of me first!  As soon as I got to work this morning, I had some delicious mini-donuts and a cute, tiny snowman ornament in my box.  I love those girls!  I guess I will need to do two more, then I am immediately putting the sign in my window!
Day 18
  • My Tastefully Simple gifts for Sam's kids and various friends arrived in plenty of time for Christmas (Thank you, Emily!).
  • Math MAP done (except for a student who left and one absent.  It *only* took 2 hours!)
  • Successful delivery of my *second* snowball fight items.  This time, Pepperidge Farm Snowball cookies and a different snowman ornament.  I did indeed put the sign in my window, so I hope this will be my last round!  I started it though, so I guess I deserve it!
Day 19
  • No more MAP!  (Till spring, anyway...) Most of my students' scores increased.
  • New "Charlie Brown Christmas" and "Grinch" sleep-pants.  So festive and comfy!
  • Lovely and giving friends, just got my third round of the snowball fight!  I'm so grateful to have people think of me enough to want to pass it along to me.  Because it was my third go-around, I passed it (very gratefully) to another friend who hadn't been "hit."  I hope that is proper snowball fight etiquette!
Day 20
  • Our staff Christmas adopt-a-family drive raised over $650 this year!  This means, of course, that we can wear jeans the final week before the winter break... an incentive, yes, but certainly not the reason.  We will be shopping and have our wrapping parties soon; so much fun!
  • Our school adopt-a-family event is a little different.  PTA sends out a Google doc with lists of three families:  gender, age, needs and wants, sizes, etc.  We get to choose a child (or 2 or 3!) and add what we plan to purchase for them to eliminate duplicates.  I chose two boys and a girl from the same family, it is going to be fun to be able to buy toys again!  I love Christmas, it has always been my favorite time of year, and I can't wait to get started!
  • A week of successful Elf on the Shelf activities!  I hesitated to start this, maybe 5th graders were too old for it, but I couldn't have been more wrong!  A couple of these kids think they are "too cool for school," and it's hard to have fun with them; but everyone has seemed to enjoy this, they rush in every morning to see what that crazy elf did overnight!  I'll post some pictures soon.
  • Three days to clean, lesson plan, do anything I want!  As much as I love him, it's kind of nice to have a few days to myself.  Have fun at the game, Sam!  Go Bengals!  Or as he says, "Who-Dey!"

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