Sunday, October 26, 2014

She's a Wild One (and some wild (?) focus wall posters!)

I would have given anything to be at the *well-deserved* Little Kids Rock Joan Jett Tribute the other day (I can only imagine what a show that was!), but just a week ago I was in Tulsa...
A long drive, but well worth it!  Some dinner, people watching, and then the show...


Crimson and Clover...
 She still loves rock and roll...
 Just around the corner from the light of day...
It was a great show, better than ever!

After the show, we saw a few smaller bands, took a few turns at the slot machines, then went back to the room to see her in Stephen King's "Big Driver."  A short-long weekend, but just what I needed after conferences!  Thank you again, Sam, you're one in a million!  Or as Katie so aptly stated, "Your husband is AWESOME!"
So in honor of a great night and a well-deserved honor, Unit 3 Focus Wall posters and Amazing/Vocabulary Words!  Use 'em if you want 'em!

btw...speaking of well-deserved honors, you can vote for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees here.  I'm just sayin'...

Sunday, October 5, 2014


I forgot to update my birthday...
From Sam, and we still have our weekend getaway coming up!

From Tabitha

From Megan (and Keith, maybe?)

From Marcey (and Wade, maybe?)
I also got many sweet and heartfelt gifts, cards, and well wishes from my students and my sister.  I feel very fortunate and appreciate everything very much.  Thank you, friends and family; I love you.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

It Sure Is Windy Today...

"I thought it was Thursday."  "So am I, let's go get a drink!"
Just another one of the witticisms of Jack Girtin.  I completed my first Walk to End Alzheimer's today in his honor.  I thought of him from the moment I got up, as I got ready, throughout the registration process and the wait to begin, throughout the walk, and truly... throughout the day.  It really was very cold and windy, so this joke he so often made was apropos.  Maybe he was up there laughing!


Sam was kind enough to take these pictures of the "flower" pinwheel I wrote on and "planted" for Mr. Girtin.

Sam wrote on this one for his Aunt June.


The color of your flower depended on your reason for walking.  Purple was the color for those who had lost a loved one to Alzheimer's.

As we started walking, we all raised our flowers.
Our flowers twirling in the wind
As we walked past the first point, we "planted" our flowers.
It was beautiful to see them all spinning in the wind.

Those who raised at least $100 received a t-shirt.  It doesn't matter that I'm the only one who donated for my walk, does it?

The first walk of many, I hope.  Remembering Mr. Girtin with respect, admiration, and love.