Sunday, August 24, 2014

Teachers Love Technology!

Check this out from Attribution to!  I love this! 
I learned so much in AFT this past summer and am in the process of applying for 1:1 classroom set of iPads.  I am so grateful for the one I received; in a scant week and a half of school, the students are already putting it to good use.  I can only imagine what they could do with a class set!  School budgets are tight everywhere, so my students are appreciative for what they have been fortunate enough to have, however I do see a big difference in the students who had access to 1:1 iPads last year.  As all teacher do, I want to provide everything possible to create the best possible learning environment and the best possibilities for my students' growth.  Teachers love technology because it engages and benefits all students: meeting (and challenging) their individual learning needs, as well as fostering their individual strengths!  No wonder teachers love technology!

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