Sunday, August 17, 2014

2014 Classroom Set Up

I didn't take any pictures of my classroom last year.  It was my first year of teaching 5th grade, having moved up after teaching 2nd for five years and then 1st for seven years.  A big jump, that's what everyone said.  And it was!

When I first went in (in July, of course!), I only had fifteen desks in my room.  Now, I knew I couldn't be lucky enough to have a class that small!  So, I asked and was told that I would be getting brand new desks and chairs by the time the teachers started.  The next time I came in, there were NO desks.  Still, I was assured that I would have desks by that Friday.  Friday morning, no desks.  They would be coming on Monday morning.  Monday morning, no desks, but they would be there that afternoon before Back to School Night (which started at 4 pm.).  About 11:30 am, the custodians started bringing in some old tables and (loud) metal folding chairs.  A nightmare way to make such a big change.  No place for books or pencils, no where to tape nametags. 

Long story short, I finally got desks and chairs about a month later.  Now, I love them!  At the time, it was not the best way to make a fresh start. 

This year is different.  I still started working on my room in July, but I did have desks!  Most of my ideas have been culled from Pinterest (like most teachers!), but I love it.  It's fun and bright, it just makes me happy.  I hope the students like it too!

Our Back to School Giving Tree didn't go over quite as well as I hoped.  Maybe we'll have more success at ParentU Night!

Here's my No Name area, as well as my "While You Were Out" Folders where students can find any work they've missed.  I found this *rare* black hanging chart at Target (and it even included the folders!  I laminated them to make them last a little longer.).

I bought this black bookshelf at Target a couple of years ago.  We use it as our "supply shelf."  I got the green tins in the Dollar Spot at Target and the supply bins at the Dollar Tree.  We'll use the large green ones as group trash bins.

I also found this saying at the Dollar Tree.  We have this large air duct above the whiteboard that has always bothered me, so I decided to make use of it this year with some inspirational words for my students (and me!).

my sink, microwave area with storage and birthday balloons

Revamped storage!  I've used these for years to store copies, always trying to stay ahead of things.  I just added alternating  double-sided Perfect Paisley border and a few Words Their Way labels to organize copies of the word sorts.

Each student has a drawer with their number on it for crayons, markers, glue, etc.  Extra copies are stored in the unused drawers.  I use the trays from Really Good Stuff on top for items I want to copy, notes from home or lunch money, or Science homework that needs to be turned in to my teaching partner.

My idea is to write the current objective for each subject on this.  We'll see how that goes!   I found this frame at Wal-mart and just added scrapbook paper and letter stickers from Hobby Lobby.

Here's my Math cubby with Rocket Math, calculators, dice, playing cards, dominoes, and flashcards.  Social Studies for both classes is turned in to the top paper trays.

This will eventually hold Guided Reading materials along with the dictionaries and thesauruses (and yes, I did look that up!).  We will turn in our Reading, Math, and Work Study (Words Their Way) to the baskets above).

My desk... since I never actually sit here, I often think about giving it up. 
Everyone talks me out of it though!  Maybe someday...  I plan on putting my name across it, just haven't had time.

Reading Focus Wall... a work in progress!

Math and Writing Focus Wall along with our "Something to Tweet About" board

Boys Town Skills, Words Their Way Chart, Student Mailboxes, and Computer Center (I got this lamp from Lowes, the colors match the rest of my room perfectly!

Subway Art above coat rack

Area behind my desk, a student made me the crayon "M" when I taught first grade (Thank you, Logan! <3).

Revamped Teacher Toolbox:  Again, I just removed the old scrapbook paper and added border, Dots on Black and double-sided Perfect Paisley to coordinate with the rest of the room.

That's enough for now!  More later, and hopefully I'll be able to add some credit for the things I've found and used from other teachers!

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