Friday, August 8, 2014

I dreamed a dream... and Pearson Math Focus Skills Topics 1-6

Okay, this is NOT about Les Miserables.  Nothing to do with it, in fact. 

A few nights ago I had a dream about my favorite comedian, Mike Birbiglia.  If you haven't seen him, check out his movie/book, Sleep Walk with Me, and his stand-up, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, on Netflix, or just check him out on his site or on youtube. 
my own pic of his poster!
I've been to see him three times, once using one of my just two personal days and travelling all the way to Indiana!  When he came to Omaha about six months later, his brother Joe was all worried, "You know this is the same show, right?"  Of course we did, we didn't care!  We even got tickets for three other people.  This last time he was in Omaha with Thank God for the Jokes, we bought tickets for four other people.  Just trying to spread the wealth!

Anyway... my dream.  I dreamed I was at an assembly in the school gym (do any other teachers dream about school all summer???).  I turned around, and there was Mike Birbiglia!  When he saw me, he gave me a big hug.  Unfortunately, I held on just a little too long (in a purely platonic way, of course), which made it totally awkward.

That very night I was working on school stuff (of course), and Sam said, "Mike Birbiglia is on Jimmy Fallon!"  Coincidence?  I think not.

Since I was on the computer and my AFT leaders had been encouraging us to tweet reflections (my love/hate relationship with Twitter continues...), Sam said, "You should tweet your dream!"  So I did.
Later Sam got on to see my tweet and said, "Mike Birbiglia favorited your tweet!"  No way.  Now, I realize that favoriting a tweet is just a super quick way of acknowledging your fans, but... Mike Birbiglia favorited my tweet.
Actual screenshot :)
Of course this is not as exciting as when MB posted a picture on his Facebook of Sam holding a poster he had signed in Omaha while wearing the shirt he got in Indiana, but still... (Hmmm, can you tell I'm a stalker fan?)
So thank you, Mike (I can call you, Mike now, right? After all, we are twitter friends), for the great dream.
And since my heart is so happy, Pearson Math Grade 5 Focus Skills for Topics 1 through 6, here, just because!


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