Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a Sweet Class!

Recently I was very ill with the stomach flu and missed two days of school (unheard of for me!).  When I got back, I found notes from both of my guest teachers stating what a nice class I have, as well as two big banners that the kids had made for me.  Our special education para then informed me that not only was it all their idea, they had given up their lunch recess to make the banners.  For the most part, I believe in intrinsic rather than extrinsic rewards.  However, when I heard all of this, I just had to do something nice for them, and we had a popsicle party a few days later.  I really do have a wonderful class, and I will be both sad and proud to see them move on to second grade.  Thank you, B3 friends!  And thank you, Mrs. Decker, for helping them!                               

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