Monday, May 30, 2011

Manic Monday

Thank you to our men and women in the military, both past and present.  Happy Memorial Day!

2010-2011 Classroom Pictures
Our classroom view from the back of the room. 
You can see our schedule, whiteboard, word wall,
student desks, and my group table.

This is our Morning Meeting area and our Cafe board prior to introducing the skills.

You can see our strings hanging from the ceiling, they are actually brightly colored rick-rack with colored clips attached.  I love to hang the kids' art around the room.

Our book boxes prior to the first day of school and our labeled coat/backpack rack. You can also see that our first science unit is "animals!"     

Our Word Wall before school started. Because I love books, have so many, and am always aquiring more, our library is a constant "work in progress!"

My desk...also an organizational work in progress!
This is our Morning Meeting/Calendar area. The star chart holds pictures and information about our Super Kid (star of the week). Because I took these before school started, there are only a few pictures of me from first grade!

When I taught second grade, I saw one of the other teachers use this idea and loved it. I adapted it for my room and have really seen the kids use and benefit from it. Having this visual really helps them learn the concept of counting minutes by fives when telling time.

Here you can see tubs for centers, including Word Work tubs, our Reading Center and area, and our lunch count chart where the students sign up for hot, cold, or alternate lunch. I use this chart for attendance as well.

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