Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

How many times have you been asked to write about that?   And how many different variations of that theme have you had your students do?  It's kind of the "back to school" rite of passage, right?

Well, here's mine.  I took an Apple Foundations Training for which I received an iPad to use in my classroom.  It was interesting, fun, and we now have a great "class pet!"  I can't wait to see everything they create with this tool.  I wish ours was one of the chosen few for a 1:1 classroom, but I am very grateful and appreciative for the one iPad and will make very good use of it.  I know my students will as well.  I only hope that those who were in a 1:1 classroom last year will not be too disappointed (although in my heart, I know they will be) (*mentally insert worried emoticon here!*).

We also made our own iTunes U course with materials we created in class.  If you go over to my class blog, tmcguffey.weebly.com, you can see a few of the things I made on my Meet the Teacher and Bixby pages.

In the meantime, I wanted something to teach/remind students how to treat our new class pet and loved Mrs. Dixon's chalkboard IPad Guidelines, however if you're like me and have limited wall space, you can use this consolidated list of guidelines I made.  Thank you, Mrs. Dixon, for the great idea and wording!

Of course, that's not the only thing I did this summer, but more about that another time!

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