Wednesday, May 21, 2014


It's been a long time.  A lot has gone on and there have been a lot of changes, both good and bad.  My mom passed away after a long illness, and my brother-in-law passed away after a very short illness.  So 2012-2013 was a very difficult school year for me, then 2013-2014 became another year of change as I switched from first grade to fifth.  No one could believe I made such a sudden/huge jump, but I said I needed a challenge...and boy, did I get one.

I've learned a lot in the past couple of school years, none of it has been easy, but then life never is.  And as we learn, we grow.  Right?

So backtrack a couple of years with me, won't you?  Indulge me as I reminisce about my first graders and just some of the fun we had...

Calendar Supplies

Math and Reading RtI Activities


Gifts from past students <3

Super Kid Buddies and Tattle Turtle

Super Kid Backpack and Folder

First Day Treat:  Super Hero Lollipops

Math Focus Wall, Lunch Count, etc.

Super Words!  Word Wall

Science:  Mammals

Mrs. McGuffey's class knows...

We also knew...



and Insects!  Oh My!

We made frogs (amphibians) too, not shown here!

We wrote to Veterans to thank them for their service. 

And more to come later...
Man, I miss those little ones!


And I miss you, Mom.  I love you.

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