Wednesday, August 1, 2012

7 Days of Summer

Out for one of the final adult beverage evenings with old and new friends last night!  We all toasted to the end of summer... and the beginning of a new school year...

I've always used the standard pocket chart with green, yellow, and red cards for classroom management.  I know The 2 Sisters don't really approve of veteran teachers using this system, and I have tried starting the year without it, but it seems as though students this age need a visual.  I've seen behavior charts for years and have really thought about changing it up a little, and then I saw this one from Third Grade's a Hoot on Pinterest.  Perfect for my new theme!  So I made one of my own that would work for me.  I used the same bottom three colors they were accustomed to in Kindergarten, then I added two levels at the top, blue and purple,   I really like the idea of rewarding those with excellent behavior.  Students who stay on green or fly above will join our "Lunch Bunch" and eat in the classroom on Friday.  Those who are on blue or purple will get a stripe on their clip, five stripes will earn them an extra reward.  Students who move their clips to red will write a note home which must be signed and returned the next day.  This will be my first year trying this system out, so I'll let you know how it goes!  What kind of behavior management system has worked for you?

Click here to get my superhero behavior chart.

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