Monday, July 30, 2012

10 Days of Summer

An homage to 500 Days of Summer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's awesome dance number, and quirky movies that make you want to buy the soundtrack (those are my favorite kind of movies).

There are only ten days left until school (unofficially) begins.  And I have so much more vacation left in me!  It's been a weird summer and a very difficult year, which is why I have not posted in so long.  A new puppy, a marriage, a trip to Cancun, a wedding ceremony, a ROUGH school year, a LENGTHY bathroom/closet construction, a trip to Florida, another wedding, a trip to Colorado with a lot of family drama, a long overdue trip to Columbus to meet a beautiful young lady and catch up with some of the best friends someone could ever have...but no excuses.

Here are some things I'd like to accomplish in the next ten days...
  • Update my blog (good start, huh?)
  • Get the house cleaned and organized before starting school
  • Work on my Weebly for school and get it published to the school web site (check it out,
  • Finish up my classroom and get ready for my new students
  • Take pictures of my updated classroom
It's a lot to do in ten days.  "He believed that this time his expectations would align with reality..."  And we all know what happened to Tom...

Oh yeah, did I mention...I got married...  :) 

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